Botanical garden

EA2106 Botanical garden

A botanical garden is located all along the boulevard Tonnellé, in front of Bretonneau Hospital at Tours. It was created between 1831 and 1843 by Jean-Anthyme Margueron, a botanist and pharmacist.  Over the years the garden area grew up to include today an arboretum, a garden of long-lived plants, a thematic garden, greenhouses of undergrowth or useful tropical plants of south Africa flora, a medicinal garden, a systematic garden and a zoological park.

The garden is managed by both Department of parks and gardens of Tours and BBV laboratory for technical and scientific approaches, respectively.


The garden is tightly connected with BBV research unit. Through a network implicating more than 300 botanical gardens, it gives the searchers an access to the plant biodiversity all over the world. It also constitutes a storage unit of certificated seeds. An annual list (Index Seminum) for international seeds exchanges for scientific purposes is published every 2 years. The garden is labeled as “ Jardin Botanique de France et des pays francophones ». These actions, through the networks established for a long time, give to the garden an international visibility.
BBV laboratory especially focuses on medicinal and systematic gardens. It is also strongly involved in teaching plant classification and medicinal plants uses to students of the faculty of pharmacy.

Contact: Martine Courtois, Joel Crèche


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